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<send-when> element

An async-command can contain multiple <send-when> elements which define a string to send to the standard input of the remote server when an expected string is received from the server.
XML Attribute Description Allowed Values
expect The string to wait for before sending the command A valid value declaration
timeout The amount of time to wait for the expected text to appear An integer value greater than zero

The inner text of the element contains the value to send. Value declarations are supported for some operation types. See value declarations for details.
If the timeout period elapses without the expected text appearing, the operation fails and an error is reported back to FIM for the object.


<send-when expect="$ " timeout="5">/usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/bin/passwd {dn:$1}</send-when>
<send-when expect="New Password: " timeout="5">{newpassword}</send-when>
The example above sends the change password command to the server, waits for "New Password: " to appear, and then sends the new password.

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