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<schema-attributes> element

The <schema-attributes> element defines each attribute that is present across the object types that the MA supports. The <schema-attributes> element must have at least one <schema-attribute> element. Each attribute can only be defined once, but can be used on multiple schema-objects.

XML Attribute Name Description Allowed Values
name The name of the attribute An LDAP-compliant attribute name
multivalued Indicates if this is a multi-valued attribute true, false. Not supported for boolean attribute types
type The type of value stored in the attribute string, binary, boolean, integer, reference
operation The operations that are supported for this attribute ImportExport, ImportOnly, ExportOnly

Please note: attribute names are case-sensitive within the configuration file


    <schema-attribute name="accountName" multivalued="false" type ="string" operation="ImportExport"/>
    <schema-attribute name="uid" multivalued="false" type="integer" operation="ImportExport"/>
    <schema-attribute name="gid" multivalued="false" type="integer" operation="ImportExport"/>
    <schema-attribute name="comment" multivalued="false"  type="string"  operation="ImportExport"/>
    <schema-attribute name="expiryDate" multivalued="false" type="integer" operation="ImportExport"/>
    <schema-attribute name="homeDirectory" multivalued="false" type="string" operation="ImportExport"/>
    <schema-attribute name="shell" multivalued="false" type="string" operation="ImportExport"/>
    <schema-attribute name="accountDisabled" multivalued="false" type="boolean" operation="ExportOnly"/>
    <schema-attribute name="member" multivalued="true" type="reference" operation="ImportExport"/>

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