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<rules> element

During export operations, rules and rule groups can be used to define a set of conditions that control whether or not a command is executed. The SSH MA supports grouping multiple rules together that can be used to evaluate a series of conditions. The <rules> element contains the definition of all rules and rule groups used on export commands.

The <rules> element can contain any number of the following elements;


    <rule-group id="groupGidOrAccountNameHasChanged" operator="Or">
        <rule-ref rule-id="groupAccountNameModified"/>
        <rule-ref rule-id="groupGidModified"/>
    <rule xsi:type="sshma:rule-AttributeChangeRule" id="groupMemberModified" attribute="member" triggers="Add,Update"/>
    <rule xsi:type="sshma:rule-AttributeChangeRule" id="groupMembersDeleted" attribute="member" triggers="Delete"/>
    <rule xsi:type="sshma:rule-AttributeChangeRule" id="groupAccountNameModified" attribute="accountName" triggers="Add,Update"/>
    <rule xsi:type="sshma:rule-AttributeChangeRule" id="groupGidModified" attribute="gid" triggers="Add,Update"/>
    <rule xsi:type="sshma:rule-AttributePresenceRule" id="AccountNameIsPresent" attribute="accountName" operator="IsPresent"/>

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