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<rule xsi:type="sshma:rule-MultiValuedAttributeValueRule"> element

The MultiValuedAttributeValueRule type is used to determine if the value of a multivalued attribute meets a given criteria.

The <rule> element must contain the following attributes;
XML Attribute Name Description Allowed Values
xsi:type The type of rule This value must be sshma:rule-MultiValuedAttributeValueRule
id The unique ID for the rule. This is used to reference the rule in the command object Any string value that has not been used elsewhere in the XML file
attribute The attribute to evaluate Any attribute defined in the schema that is present on the class of object being evaluated
multivalue-condition The criteria for evaluating the values in the multi-value array See multivalued-condition for an explanation on the allowed condition operators
operator The evaluation operator See allowed value operators for details on what operators can be used with each attribute type
value The expected value The string representation of the expected value


<rule xsi:type="sshma:rule-MultiValuedAttributeValueRule" id="AnyMemberEqualsJohnSmith" attribute="member" multivalue-condition="Any" operator="Equals" value="JohnSmith"/>
The example shown above passes evaluation if the member multi-value attribute contains any value that equals "JohnSmith".

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