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<object-operation xsi:type="sshma:object-operation-PasswordSet"> element

A password set operation is called when password synchronization is configured within FIM, and the MA is configured as a password synchronization target.

The <object-operation> element must contain the following child element; The <object-operation> element must contain the following attributes;
XML Attribute Name Description Allowed Values
xsi:type The type of object-operation This value must be sshma:object-operation-PasswordSet

Allowed Declarations

During a password set operation, only the following value declarations can be used
  • {dn}
  • {newpassword}


<object-operation xsi:type="sshma:object-operation-PasswordSet">
            <send-when expect="$ " timeout="5">/usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/bin/passwd {dn:$1}</send-when>
            <send-when expect="New Password: " timeout="5">{newpassword}</send-when>
            <send-when expect="assword: " timeout="5">{newpassword}</send-when>
            <success-when expect="password successfully changed for {dn:$1}" timeout="5"/>

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