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<object-operation xsi:type="sshma:object-operation-ExportAdd"> element

An export add operation is called when a new object is provided from FIM to the MA.

The <object-operation> element must contain the following child element; The <object-operation> element must contain the following attributes
XML Attribute Name Description Allowed Values
xsi:type The type of object-operation This value must be sshma:object-operation-ExportAdd

Export operations can use rules to determine if the command should be executed or not. See Object Export Commands for more information.

Allowed Declarations

During an export add operation, the following value declarations can be used
  • {dn}
  • Any attribute defined in the schema that is present on the object upon export


<object-operation xsi:type="sshma:object-operation-ExportAdd">
        <command>/usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/useradd [-c "{comment}" ][-d {homeDirectory} ][-s {shell} ]-u {uid} -g {gid} {dn:$1}</command>

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