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You may want to prevent certain objects from being presented to FIM to avoid accidental joins or projections (ie the root account). The MA provides the <object-filters> element to achieve this.

The <object-filters> is optional, but if it is present, must contain one or more <object-filter> elements.

<object-filter> syntax

XML Attribute Description Allowed Values
attribute The name of the attribute to filter upon Any attribute defined in the MA schema for the specified object class
operator The operator to use when evaluating the value See allowed value comparison operations

The inner text of the element must contain the value to test.


    <object-filter attribute="gid" operator="LessThan">100</object-filter>
    <object-filter attribute="accountName" operator="Equals">root</object-filter>
This example removes all objects with a gid less than 100, and any object with an accountName of "root".

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