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<ma-capabilities> element

The management agent capabilities define what features and functionality the MA supports. This information is provided to FIM when the MA is created for the first time.
Note: These values must be set before the MA is created in FIM. Once the MA is created, changes to these values will not take effect unless the MA is deleted and recreated in FIM.

The <ma-capabilities> element must contain all of the following child elements, in the following order.

Element name Description Allowed Values
<delta-import> Defines if this MA supports delta imports, or only full imports true, false
<object-update-mode> Defines the type of exports this MA should recieve from FIM See for a list of allowed values and their descriptions
<delete-add-as-replace> Defines if the MA supports 'replacing' an object rather than creating a seperate object delete and object add true, false
<object-rename-allowed> Defines the MA's capability to support object renames true, false



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