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The MA is capable of performing a transformation on an attribute before it is imported into FIM. Transformations are achieved using .NET regular expression substitutions.

The <attribute-transformations> is optional, but if it is present, must contain one or more <attribute-transformation> elements.

<attribute-transformation> syntax

XML Attribute Description Allowed Values
attribute The name of the attribute to transform Any attribute defined in the MA schema for the specified object class
regex-find The regular expression used to match a value for transformation Any valid .NET regular expression syntax
regex-replace A regular expression defining the substitution to perform Any valid .NET regular expression syntax

If the <attribute-transformation> is applied to a multivalued attribute, each value in the array is transformed.


    <attribute-transformation attribute="member" regex-find=".+" regex-replace="cn=$&amp;,ou=users"/>
The example takes each member value from the multivalued attribute and converts the value into a dn format.

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