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Create the MA

Copy extension files

Copy the following files to the Extensions folder on the FIM Synchronization Service server. (Typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Synchronization Service\Extensions)

Create the MA data folder

Create the MA

  • In the Synchronization Service client, click Actions -> Create...
  • Select Extensible Connectivity 2.0 as the management agent type, and provide a name for the MA
  • Select Process as the architecture type, and ensure Run this management agent in a separate process is unticked
  • Click Next
  • Browse to the extensions folder and select Lithnet.SshMA.dll
  • Click Refesh Interfaces, followed by Next
  • Provide the host name and port
  • Specify the full path to the MA configuration file
  • Select either Username/Password or Username/Key for the Authentication mode parameter
  • If using key based authentication, then specify the path to the private key file
  • Specify the username and password for the account or the private key file
  • Specify the log file location (ensure the sync service account has write permissions to this folder)
  • Click Next on the Configure Partitions and Hierarchies page
  • Select the object types you want to manage
  • Select the attributes you want to manage. Ensure that 'entry-dn' is selected
  • Click Next on the Configure Anchors page
  • Configure any connector filters and join and project rules on the following pages
  • Define your attribute flows
  • Configure the deprovisioning action as appropriate for your environment
  • Configure password management if appropriate. Remember to enable this MA as a password synchronization target in the MA that provides the incoming password changes

The management agent is now configured. After you have created the appropriate run profiles, perform a full import to create any required placeholder objects before running a full sync on the MA.

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